no sabbatical excuse

15 Dec

I wish I could say I was on sabbatical this past year but that hasn’t been the case. I simply haven’t put enough effort into getting a few thoughts down “on screen” on a regular basis. I intend to remedy that.

I intend to write a bit more frequently after a hiatus that comes down mostly to reticence in sharing new investment ideas, as was the prior focus. With growing compliance concerns in the investment industry and given the inherent competitiveness of the market I cannot often write about original ideas I’m pursuing. Though I will certainly comment on specific companies I will not necessarily do so often, especially those I own for myself or clients. Nor will I present performance information of any type, as has always been my penchant. In fact, I intend to sometimes put down ideas that are only tangentially – or not at all – related to investing, but interesting nonetheless.

Concurrent with more frequent writing comes a couple thoughts:

(1) It can be a waste of time to do extensive editing to text, so expect some grammatical and spelling flaws to emerge from time to time (or just all the time). People generally understand the point without it being encased in perfect prose and spelling, each of which aren’t immutable anyway.

(2) Writing a blog on a frequent basis comes within the context of a busy schedule. Against this backdrop, just getting something type and posted is as remarkable as what is actually written. Still I hope, but can’t promise, that each post is worthwhile and presents at least a new kernel of insight that makes my comments worth reading. I fully realize this a difficult standard, but I will do my best to meet it.


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